Fine art is a critical component to any interior space. At PAIR'D we are pleased to display and support the works of local artists. Our gallery is ever changing so stop in soon to see what's currently covering our walls.

Current Artisans Include: 


Marco Querin

My life has been one of constant change and adaptation, both unsettling and exciting conditions by which one can still grow and thrive, but that can make it difficult to anticipate outcome and overall direction. Consequently I am intrigued by all that can be controlled. My fiber-based work has, in itself, characteristics derived by this reality such as fragility, tension, elasticity and equilibrium, and only through a precision-based controlled execution, my work comes to life and tells a story that has a clear beginning and an end in sight.

Angie Brooks

Angie Brooks is an American painter and Artist who is inspired by the natural world, the elements, culture, travel, myths, and the human spirit.

You can feel this energy in her mixed media work, as she builds layers from charcoal to texture, metal leaf, paint, pigment, encaustic, photography, and collage; composing an unconscious and intuitive dialogue into a creative composition that evolves into a work of art.

She attended Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and the New World School of the Arts in Miami. But, her real self-discovery and renaissance began through her travels; from Italy to Morocco, and each place in between- they have influenced her design aesthetic, and vision.

She has owned a decorative arts business for over 25 years, working and creating custom decorative finishes and murals in luxurious homes and commercial spaces across the country. She continues to do design work for select specialty clients.Her work has been featured in Naples Illustrated, Bonita Living, and Casa Y Estilo International.


Madiha Siraj

 Madiha Siraj is a Pakistani-Muslim-American artist from Southern California well known for her large-scale installations and polymer clay sculptural work. Her installation "Oyster EB-12" was displayed at the

Craft Forward Symposium in San Francisco in 2011, and her work has been featured in publications including Design Milk and Hi-Fructose Magazine. At the University of California, San Diego Madiha studied under Kim MacConnel, a prominent pattern and decoration movement artist who utilized non-traditional materials and bright colors in contrast with minimalists of the time. The tactile, handmade quality of his work greatly influenced Siraj's practice. "Oyster EB-12" is Siraj's attempt at creating patterns with everyday materials like paint swatches. The artist reverses the mundanity of these objects by creating a space-altering environment, allowing the viewer to enter a pixelated reality.
Siraj's exploration of her culture led to her use of Islamic geometric patterns in her mixed-media paintings. In Islamic art, shapes are repeated to represent the perfection of the universe and God's design. By using these patterns, artists mimic the perfection of God's universe but ultimately fall short due to human error. This concept inspired Siraj to celebrate the inevitable imperfections that appear in her work. After marrying her husband, Siraj relocated from California to the East Coast and had the opportunity to explore New York City's rich art history and vibrant contemporary art scene.

Siraj's latest series of works are sculptural. Many of her pieces are created using polymer clay, a widely-available crafting material. Instead of directly referencing Islamic geometric patterns, Siraj's recent sculptural works are looser; they reflect on her love of bright colors and tactile patterns but are presented as a playful experience, allowing the audience more room for interpretation.